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Best – known www vadamalli com malayalam serial:


Malayalam is the most popular language in Kerala. It’s spoken by more than 35 million people and has its own culture, history www vadamalli com serial malayalam and literature. The language has been influenced by Sanskrit and Arabic too but it still retains its own identity.

Oru Penninte Kadha

Oru Penninte Kadha is a www vadamalli com Malayalam serial that has been telecast on Mazhavil Manorama since October 2014. The show is directed by Ranjith and written by Santhosh Echikkanam.

The story revolves around a middle-class family, who are experiencing financial hardships due to the sudden death of their father, who www vadamalli com serial malayalam was also the sole breadwinner for them. The family includes four members – Raghava, his wife Lakshmi Narayananamma (Lakshmi), their son Raghavendra (Raghu) and daughter-in-law Anitha Narayananamma (Anitha). However, before long they discover that both Lakshmi and Anitha have been killed by someone else in order to benefit from their wealth

Oru Marubhoomikkadha

Oru Marubhoomikkadha is one of the most popular Malayalam serial in the year 2019.The serial is directed by Thulasidas and produced by Sajin Jaffer and Shiju Jaffer.

The story begins with the marriage of Sreejith and Kavya to their parents who are very happy about it but they do not know that their son has been missing for years now. If you want to this serial then you can search on google www vadamalli com Malayalam serial. And Enjoy the serial.


Rasolsavam, a Malayalam serial that was aired on Asianet channel. The serial was based on the story of a family who lived in a village. The serial was directed by Sreehari Venugopal.

The story begins with Rasoolan www vadamalli com serial malayalam who is an orphan and his family members are all dead except for him, he has lost both his parents at a young age due to an accident but later on finds out that he had an elder sister named Mariappan who dies after giving birth to their son Rajeshwari (Rajesh). After going through many hardships and trying different ways to earn money, he eventually gets married with Sunitha who gives birth to two daughters named Pooja & Priyanka respectively and also has another son Rahul from this marriage which makes him happy because now there’s someone else who loves him like his own mother loves him


Starring Nithya Menon, Gokul Suresh and Sudheer Karamana in the lead roles, Idavelayil is a story of three friends who get entangled in a love triangle. The serial was produced by Rajesh Pillai and directed by Jijo Antony. It aired on Mazhavil Manorama from July 22 to August 28, 2018. Many people asking how we www vadamalli com serial malayalam can see the serial on google? You just click the search button and type www vadamalli com Malayalam serial. Now you can enjoy serial.

Best-known Kerala serial

Oru Penninte Kadha

This is a story about a guy who is married but loves his wife’s best friend. He is forced to confess that he has feelings for her and he does not know what will happen next in this story. This serial was directed by Kamal hassan and it was telecasted on Kairali TV channel.

Oru Marubhoomikkadha

It is an entertaining story which shows how important it is to make friends with our neighbors, relatives and even strangers around us so as to avoid loneliness in life. In this serial you will see how people can change their lives after coming into contact with each other through an accident where they meet each other unexpectedly www vadamalli com serial malayalam after years of separation due to various reasons like husband/wife being away from home due to some reason like job etc.,


These are the top ten serials that have become popular in Kerala. There are many more great Malayalam serial dramas available on TV channels which you can enjoy.

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