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What you need to know about lola tung, the actress from Summer I Turned Pretty, in 13 facts


Check out this page to learn more about lola tung height, age, and previous professional endeavours.

1. Who is lola tung?

One of her generation’s most promising actors is lola tung. She won the hearts of fans all over the world after starring in The Summer I Turned Pretty on Prime Video. Learn about this emerging celebrity and her past experiences.

2. What is Lola Tung’s age?

19 years old is Lola Tung. Her birthday is on October 28th, and she was born in 2002. Her star sign according to the zodiac is Scorpio.

3. What is Lola Tung’s height?

Lola Tung is 5 feet 6 inches tall. She stands 1.67 metres tall.

4. From whence is Lola Tung?

Asian-American Lola Tung is. She was raised in the United States, where she currently makes her acting home.

5. In which school did Lola Tung enrol?

In New York City, Lola Tung attended LaGuardia High School. Many well-known celebrities, like as Timothée Chalamet, Jennifer Aniston, and Nicki Minaj, attended the renowned performing arts school LaGuardia. Lola attended Carnegie Mellon University as well.

6. In The Summer I Turned Pretty, who plays Belly?

The Summer I Turned Pretty’s Belly Conklin is portrayed by actress Lola Tung. Teenager Belly is unpreparedly confronted with a love conundrum. Conrad, her moody childhood love, his charming, carefree brother Jeremiah, and Cam, a kind, smart boy who wants to date her, are all present. Who is chosen by Belly? To learn more, watch the series or read the Jenny Hahn books on which they are based.

7. In The Summer I Turned Pretty, how old is Belly?

Belly is only 15 when The Summer I Turned Pretty starts, as opposed to Lola Tung, who is 19 in real life. In the first series, she reaches 16 and is followed throughout her adolescence by the books. Belly is 24 when the trilogy’s last novel is finished.

8. What TV series and motion pictures has Lola Tung been in?

Lola Tung’s first recognised acting role was in The Summer I Turned Pretty. Lola had just been a leading lady in school plays and productions prior to portraying Belly. Belly is likely to be Lola’s first of many legendary parts, given how amazing she is in The Summer I Turned Pretty.

9. Lola Tung is both an actor and a singer.

Lola Tung is a gifted singer in addition to being a fantastic actress. On her social media page, she frequently performs covers, including a lovely version of Phoebe Bridgers’ “Funeral.”

10. Lola Tung’s romantic partner?

Lola Tung looks to be single right now. She might, however, be having a covert relationship.

11. How much money is Lola Tung worth?

There isn’t any specific information about Lola Tung’s net worth available online right now. According to reports, Prime Video employees may make anywhere between $15,000 and $100,000 every episode. Given that Lola is the main character in The Summer I Turned Pretty, it stands to reason that she would have a sizable net worth.

12.Is Lola Tung a user of Instagram?

There is an Instagram page for Lola Tung. To stay up to date with her life and all of her upcoming acting ventures, follow her on Twitter at @lola.tung. On the platform, Lola presently has more than 900,000 followers.

13.Is Lola Tung a user of TikTok?

On TikTok, there are many Lola Tung fan profiles, however as of right now, Lola doesn’t have a personal or official account. When he receives one, we’ll let you know.

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